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Welcome to a place for a neighborly conversation about the future of our Ag & Energy industries in North Dakota.

Our Beliefs Are:

The management of a small percentage of the man-made carbon will provide enormous benefits to North Dakota's ag ethanol, oil & gas, and coal industries. Ultimately, the taxpayers of North Dakota will be the largest beneficiary. Our Ag & energy sectors require huge capital investments. Thankfully, North Dakota has the geology that allows captured CO2 to be safely and permanently stored in rock layers about a mile deep. This technology has been proven during more than 40 years of field operations associated with oil production in Texas, 20 years in Saskatchewan, and 10 years in Minot. The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota has been a world-leading pioneer in testing this technology.

Man-Made Carbon Provides Major Benefits

Pipelines are safe.  We have over 30,000 miles of underground pipeline in North Dakota operating seamlessly every day.  We have 2 CO2 pipelines in North Dakota that have operated safely and without incident for years.   

Pipelines are Safe

Sign Our Petition Below:

I support carbon management solutions from pipeline infrastructure in North Dakota that will allow the ag & energy industries to thrive for decades.

Our country was founded on robust and respectful debate, and we support that notion when it comes to issues that benefit North Dakota and continue our Ag & Energy industries prominence.  

Respectful Debate

Private property rights are among our most important rights as citizens. It is gratifying to hear that 80% of landowners have heard robust debate about this project and have opted to allow their land to be utilized for the construction of this project. We respect the 20% who have not yet agreed to participate. We look forward to an opportunity to hear their concerns and offer solutions for their objections.

Importance of Private Property Rights

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